Beautiful WordPress Websites

SCNet can create a modern looking website for an affordable price.

Online Payments Simplified

SCNet provides secure, efficient and reliable solutions at an affordable price allowing you to accept online payments quickly and easily.

Our Services

WordPress Plugin and Payment Services

Having more than 20 years experience in the payments industry we can offer unique services. We can design a clean, modern looking website and can also offer expert WordPress and WooCommerce development.

Payment Gateway

We can provide you with a merchant facility and integrate your website into our payment systems to take credit card payments online.

Wordpress Websites

We can develop and clean and modern looking website at a very affordable price.  We can also help you host and maintain your website.

Development Services

We can provice a variety of bespoke development services. Our skills include PHP, Python, Javascript, Java, C++, Oracle PL/SQL and more.

WordPress Websites

Get A Website Created Quickly

Our Perth based website designers will create and manage your website. Choose from hundreds of design templates which we will customise to your specifications. You will be surprised at how little it can cost and with choosing us, there are no out of pocket surprises.

How much does a website cost?

A simple website with a home landing page, contact page and some business and product information, can cost only a few hundred dollars. 

Using one of our pre-defined templates we will tailor a unique looking website using your branding and images. 

Can you help hosting my website?

Yes we can. We have many hosting options from trusted 3rd parties. We can also install and manage your website and provide support. Hosting packages range from $7 to $22 per month, contact us for more information.

Your WordPress and Payments Partner

Do I need a business bank account?

Yes, a business bank account from from any leading bank is required. As well, you will need an ABN and be able to provide us with an up-to-date bank statement.

What is the pricing for a merchant account?

The price will vary depending on whether we supply a merchant account or whether you supply your own account and take one of our packages. Rates for our supplied merchant account start from 1.5% + 10c per transaction. Bring your own merchant accounts have annual fees. All our pricing can be found here.

What is an interchange rate?

Visa and Mastercard charge intechange rates based on card type to the banks (acquirers), which are then passed onto the merchant. You will often get quoted a “base” rate + intechange rate. For example, a “classic” card interchange rate is 0.21% and our base rate is 1.3% so the card cost will be 1.51%. Recurring transactions have less risk so the interchange rate is lower,  international cards are high risk so the interchange rate is much higher and so on. More information can be found  here and here.

What payment methods can you accept?

All major credit card networks. Once you have a merchant facility you will be able to accept Visa and Mastercard. A separate application is needed for American Express and Diners.

Can you integrate into my website?

Of course! If you are running WordPress we have a free WooCommerce plugin. However, we do also have a range of other plugins available on request. There is also a REST API is available for bespoke integrations.

Why get a merchant account?

Well this depends…  For small startup merchants with low volumes, we will not be able to provide a properly backed, bank merchant account. We suggest you look at Paypal or Stripe who are “merchant aggregators” and can provide an “instant” facility. However, they may keep hold of your money on settlement for much longer than a bank. If you think you can meet some volume targets then a proper merchant account is far better and cheaper – plus you get same day settlement.


An all-in-one credit card payments provider

Having provided payment services to hundreds of businesses across Australia, we are in a unique position to provide your business with tailored package to suit your requirements. We can provide merchant facilities for zero startup and ongoing fees whereby we take a small MSF% (Merchant Service Fee) or you can bring your own merchant facility to us and we can provide a very competitive transaction rate.


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For a free quote or just an enquiry, please reach out to us on the below form.

Correspondence: PO Box 399 Applecross, WA 6953

ABN: 31 084 237 043


Our history

About US

In 1998 and during the boom, SCNet started out as a software consulting house. We had a mix of skills but a strong Oracle development and RDBM focus, as some of us had worked for Oracle Perth.  So we ended up working on a lot of mining and ERP financial projects for some of Western Australia’s largest firms.

Towards the end of the 90’s,  we saw an opportunity into the burgeoning eCommerce area and started up one of the first 3rd party payment gateways in Australia.  In fact, in those days, banks didn’t do their own online credit card transactions so the business had great growth and 20 years later we still have our gateway.

During the late 2000’s SCNet got heavily involved in open source projects, partly gateway related and customer driven. Some of our software had already been running on open source so it was the next logical step. Consequently our skill set has grown to include Java, C++, PHP, Laravel, Python, Django, MySQL, Javacript, ReactJS and of course WordPress amongst a few others. We are driven to give small and medium business (even large ones if they want) quality open source solutions that won’t fleece them. It’s our experience, that these open source (and mostly free) platforms – think Linux, MySQL, Apache, PHP, Python etc…  are often better solutions for most businesses because the community around these products ensures that the products are better maintained than their commercial counterparts.


Latest News

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sIf you're anything like the SCNet workers, upgrading to Windows 11 has been a great experience - except for one thing - the removal of the "Never Combine Taskbar Buttons" setting. This has infuriated us because many of us work with multiple windows like the Command...

New WooCommerce plugin released

SCNet is excited to announce the release of their new WooCommerce plugin. This plugin has several new enhanced features, including a deferred payments admin screen, better fraud screening integration and support for Google Pay. This plugin is available to all our...

WPayNow plugin enables payments to be taken without WooCommerce

Many WordPress owners need to take payments from customers, but actually do not need or want a shopping cart. For instance, if you provide services, often you will just want to invoice your customers and send them a link to pay. With this plugin, you can enter your...